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Our mobile workforce specialists have decades of experience for your benefit

Getting Startedwith Mobile WorkforceManagementSolutions
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To get you started on the route to a successful mobile workforce management solution investment Hillwalk offer a ‘Survey’ service. A mobile workforce management solution specialist will analyse your aspirations, challenges, legislative and non-legislative drivers, internal standards, short and long term business objectives. Hillwalk will then provide substantive recommendations that would enable you to achieve a successful mobile workforce management solution investment.

Mobile Workforce Management SolutionReview
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Existing users of mobile workforce management solutions with questions arising from the rapidly changing technical environment, can have these addressed with Hillwalk's review service. A professional mobile workforce solution specialist will review your current system against your short and long term business objectives. Hillwalk will then provide substantive recommendations that would enable you to achieve maximum benefit from your mobile workforce management solution.

Hillwalk Ltd has developed a risk free approach that will enable you to both assess the opportunities for your business to benefit from mobile workforce management solutions whilst also experience the quality of service that Hillwalk would provide to your future mobile worker solutions projects.

The challenges and risks of introducing mobile workforce management solutions have reduced in line with the adoption of these solutions becoming main stream. According to the Aberdeen Group report “Next-generation Enterprise Mobility: Putting Mobile to Work” (October 2012); “Service providers saw a marked improvement in customer satisfaction and retention, and an increase in service revenue and workforce productivity since the adoption of mobile field service solutions. They also saw a decrease in service cost, and less time to service resolution, contributing to an overall improvement in service delivery efficiency.”

As the ability to work efficiently, effectively and collectively outside the ‘four walls’ is key for mobile workforces it is important for mobile working to be treated strategically: with next generation mobile workforce management solutions unlocking the full value retained within the back-end systems. One circumstance Hillwalk frequently encounters is where the mobile workforces have been viewed as an isolated addendum to core business processes and a number of ‘islands of mobility’ have been created with no connection between either the different mobile or back-end systems.

However the chain of key success factors remains; a failure to operate any one element successfully will jeopardise the benefits achievable from the mobile workforce management solution. Unless the mobile workforce feels genuinely empowered with tools that enhance their ability to do the job they do, the system will not maintain the critical mass of acceptance required for successful operation.

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